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eDRAULIC electrifies Challenge participants.

The newest models are always in use at the annual training for fire brigades and rescue services; that is true for both: vehicles and rescue tools. So on September 4 and 5, 2010, in Hamm, Germany, it was ultra-high-strength steel against electrohydraulics from LUKAS.

Before this duel, most participants were somewhat sceptical: "Can electrically driven rescue equipment match the performance of the latest generation of rescue tools driven by power units? Especially when all of the power comes from a battery?" The first proof came at the moderated cutting demonstration, which put the most serious doubts to rest.

Regardless of operating mode - whether with cable or battery - the tools matched all challenges of modern vehicle generations.


In an unusual but realistic accident scenario, the participants got a close look at additional advantages of eDRAULIC.

Rescue right away - without set-up.

The scenario: In a race in a parking garage, some teenagers lost control of their vehicle and broke through the railing, leaving the vehicle hanging dangerously over the edge of the first floor. The accident scene could only be reached through a stairway. Carrying power units and hoses upstairs by hand would have taken too much time and effort. Equipped with eDRAULIC tools, the rescuers were able to react flexibly.


They were able to begin extricating the victims right away, without worrying about hose lengths or setting up power units. The rescuers mastered the situation with cutters, spreaders and rams from the eDRAULIC series.


The participants were also enthusiastic about the way how hose-free tools worked in other scenarios, making the rescue operation easier, more flexible and, in the end, faster. Given such a convincing performance by the eDRAULIC tools in practice, there was only one open question after the training: "Who still needs hoses?"

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