Innovations for rescuers.

In 1972, LUKAS developed the world's first rescue cutter. With both new products and further enhancements, we have been constantly advancing the progress of rescue technology ever since, making rescue work both faster and safer.

Our goal is always to make rescue tools as user-friendly and powerful as possible.


LUKAS revolutionises the operation of rescue tools. The star grip control makes it possible to work in difficult positions without wrist contortions.
No other control can be operated as intuitively and precisely under stress. The clear separation between the handle and the controls enables safe and precise operation, a real safety enhancement for both rescuers and patients.


Two innovations for faster rescues reach the market. With the patented multifunction tips on the LSP 100 and LSP 40 B tools from LUKAS, both spreading and cutting can be done without switching tools. The world's first telescopic rescue ram, the LTR 6/570, delivers more total stroke than standard rescue rams - and is much easier to use.


Advance rescue services increase their mobility at rescue sites. The light and convenient LKE 50 is the world's first battery-operated combination tool, completely independent of external power units.


A valuable time-saver! The world's first three-stage telescopic rescue ram, the LTR 3.5/820, sets a new standard for fast, safe operation. And the patented ISV (Intelligent Selector Valve) automatically takes care of dual-mode switching on the power unit.


Thanks to the advanced electrohydraulics in the LKE 70 combination tool, first responders have more strength and performance at their disposal, even in hard-to-reach places and without any external power unit.


The EN standard defines legal standards for additional safety and reliability in rescue, to the benefit of both rescuers and injured persons. With superior cutting force and light weight, the cutters, spreaders and combination tools in the LUKAS CENtury series are the first EN-compliant rescue tools.


Fast multitasking at the rescue site! The TRIMO power unit makes it possible to operate three rescue tools simultaneously for the first time, an innovative step into the new millennium.


Better safety for rescuers! Since modern hybrid technology can be dangerous at rescue sites, LUKAS introduces the first electrically insulated rescue tools: the LKS 35 Fi combination tool and the LS 330 Fi cutter.


Groundbreaking innovations for superior cutting performance: The new blade geometry on the LS 501 EN cutter automatically brings the material being cut into the correct position. The LS 530 EN cutter gives rescuers a huge blade opening.


Rescue rams with better hold and more flexibility! Thanks to the superior technology of the patented LRS C ram support, rescuers now have a safe and reliable foundation for vehicle work.


Unprecedented level of performance! With its cutting power of over 100 tonnes, the LS 511 becomes the world record holder.
After a significant weight reduction, the LKE 55 combination tool now sports a power density that makes it a contender as well. Constant enhancements of its electrohydraulic technology make it the perfect solution for advance vehicles and rescue work in hard-to-reach places.


Super-fast tool change even with running power unit. The innovative LUKAS mono-coupling system is mechanically very robust and user-friendly; manual pressure release is a thing of the past. Rescuers profit from this innovation with increased flexibility during rescue operations.
By increasing the power by 10%, LUKAS reacts to increasingly robust automobile bodywork.   


Less noise and stress at rescue sites. The low-noise P 660 SG Super Silent power unit is tailored to meet the rescue needs of patients.


The next generation of rescue tools has arrived. With the eDRAULIC series, LUKAS frees rescue workers worldwide from power units and hoses. The first complete kit of electrohydraulic rescue tools provides the same performance as was previously only possible with tools operated using power units. In battery mode or with a power socket as energy source!
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