Advanced operating range in collapsed buildings.

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Rescue work in damaged or destroyed buildings is as difficult as time-consuming. The new eDRAULIC-technology offers evident advantages for faster rescuing of trapped persons.


Until now, emergency response teams, fire brigades and civil protection depended on power units and hoses.

Now the operating range extends. Equipped with eDRAULIC tools, rescue teams are more flexible and mobile in hardly accessible areas after explosions, earthquakes and natural disasters!

Independent from power units - directly to the trapped person.

Flexibility means that rescue operations can be done exactly where people are trapped - not at the point the power unit is placed at that moment!

Mobility means that the operating range is not limited by the length of the hose. Due to the thought-through tools the rescuers are not hindered in their work by heavy and bulky hoses.

eDRAULIC gives rescuers the liberty of action!


A complete set for disaster recovery operations.

The eDRAULIC series from LUKAS offers the same performance as the latest generation of rescue tools driven by power units - out of a single battery!

Cutter, spreader and rescue ram all use the same battery type. No matter if you have to stabilize, lift or remove obstacles that weigh several tons.

With eDRAULIC tools emergency response teams are perfectly equipped even at hardly accessible sites of operation.

Discover all the advantages of eDRAULIC.


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