Faster rescues on Indian railways.

The Indian state railway is training its personnel to react to emergencies with fast and safe rescue efforts. Essential lifesaving expertise and tool-handling are on the agenda during training with equipment from LUKAS.

Indian Railways, the Indian state railway, has a monopoly on rail traffic on the subcontinent. It transports around five billion passengers annually and employs 1.6 million people, more than any other state-owned company in India. Indian Railways organises the rescue services for the rail network, the second-longest in the world after China's, on its own.

Superior tools in action

To prepare railway personnel as well as possible for emergencies, LUKAS employees travelled to New Delhi. The drill for the visitors from India's southern states: Cut rescue openings in railway carriages. At least 1300 x 1100 mm, within 18 minutes. With rescue tools from LUKAS, the job was done in just 9 minutes.
Using conventional tools and technique, the job might have taken several hours and seriously endangered the passengers.

Expertise that saves lives

In proper employment of cutting, spreading and peeling techniques, the focus is on safety: What structural aspects of railway carriages must be taken into consideration? How can structural reinforcements be used effectively for support? What is the next step?

We are pleased that the LUKAS multifunction tip with its specially shaped non-slip spreader tip, proved especially safe and effective here.

Because our goal is the greatest safety for both passengers and rescuers at all rescue sites.

Peeling the outer wall:


Cutting the upper window beam:


Completed rescue openings:



Equipment & Rescue
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