Maximum flexibility at rescue sites.

Where vehicles are involved in remote off-road accidents, it can often be difficult for rescue teams to get sufficiently close to the site. The problem is even greater in the case of major accidents, as rescue workers need to be virtually everywhere at once.

Up until now, the length of hoses and the location of the power unit limited how far rescue workers could go when accessing rescue sites. With electrohydraulics, rescue workers are no longer dependent on hoses and power units.


Maximum performance with unlimited range.

The eDRAULIC series offers greater mobility without sacrificing performance. This technology provides a complete set of rescue tools that also has power in reserve for future vehicle generations. This goal is illustrated by the fact that every eDRAULIC tool has an equivalent that is operated by a power unit.

Discover the high-performance eDRAULIC series:

S 700 E cutter

S 311 E cutter

SP 300 E spreader

R 411 E rescue ram

Equipment & Rescue
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