Which cutting power really counts?

When purchasing a new cutter, you might be tempted to compare the theoretical maximum power values quoted in technical stats and choose what appears to be the most powerful device. But theoretical figures do not correlate to actual real-life cutting performance.

You might compare it with horse power at a car.
Comparing theoretical maximum forces at a cutter is the same as if you would compare a cars theoretical maximum horse power without asking for the relevant rpm-range.

Just an example:
If a car has a theoretical maximum horse power of 300 but this only effects at a rpm-range of more than 7000 (which is completely irrelevant in reality), this is worse than a car which might generate its maximum horse power of 200 in a relevant range of 2000 to 4500 rpm.

The graphic shows that the car with the minor theoretical hp is superior at the reality-relevant rpm-range.

What matters is where the real work is done!


When you cut an A- or B-pillar, the material is initially crushed by the blades until the point of greatest resistance is reached and the actual cutting starts. This point is reached when the material in question has a diameter of around 4 to 9 cm (see graphic >> relevant working range). This is where you need the greatest force at the right point on the blade.


The graphic shows that the theoretical maximum cutting force applies at a material diameter close to zero, which is completely irrelevant in reality. It also shows that maximum forces apply at small material diameters where the force which is required to cut the material is very low (red line).

Up to 77% more cutting power exactly where you need it

The blades on our new cutters S 700 and S 700 E are specifically shaped to deploy a high degree of power at the front blade section, making them more suitable for cutting the larger diameters encountered by rescuers in real-life situations.

This superior performance is not shown in tables.
It comes from experience in real-life emergencies.

Experience real cutting performance.
Ask for a product demonstration.

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"S 700 E performance in NFPA cutting tests"

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