Top-Team encores with eDRAULIC.

Milton Fire Brigade

The Milton Fire Brigade ranks among the best rescue teams in New Zealand and works exclusively with LUKAS tools. At the National Road Crash Rescue Challenge 2010 in Ranfurly, the experienced team gave an extra performance with the new eDRAULIC series.

Rapidly, various extrication techniques were performed on a vehicle.

Being able to move freely without impeding each other, the emergency workers simultaneously tackled the car from several sides.

This amazed the Milton Team, who worked without power units and hoses for the first time, as well as the other rescue teams on the site.
Picture 078 (2)_289x386
Removing the door with the spreader SP 300 E.

Handy, quick and silent.

Due to intuitive handling and full performance of the eDRAULIC tools, basic and advanced rescue techniques worked out at the first go.

Picture 067 (2)_289x386
Cutting the C-post with the Cutter S 311 E.

Creating openings the safe way.

When removing the roof, the posts were cut with the S 311E, since for this vehicle category, it was not necessary to use the high-powered top-cutter S 700 E.

To perform a footwell expansion, the rescue ram R 411 E was safely positioned and extended in order to push away the front vehicle.

Using the spreader SP 300 E it was easy to tear away doors at one go.

Picture 077 (2)_289x386
Pushing away the front vehicle with
the rescue ram R 411 E.

Picture 072 (6)_590x442

The demonstration made one thing clear: In the future, rescue teams will gain considerable advantages with eDRAULIC - at challenges and, of course, on the job!

More info on eDRAULIC.

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