Air rescue lifts off more quickly with eDRAULIC.

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In the Southwest of England, the Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) is planning to expand its sphere of action into airspace. For equipping the helicopters, eDRAULIC offers significant advantages.

With up to 50% less weight compared to conventional rescue sets, the high-performance electrohydraulic tools fully meet the demands of the AF&RS rescue unit:
In a region with a population of more than one million people, they want to provide the quickest possible help in emergency scenarios such as traffic accidents, fires, flooding or chemical incedents.

Small-sized and lightweight in the air

In helicopters, there is only room for the most essential equipment. Where a power unit weighing up to 100 pounds would take up at least half a cubic meter, electrically powered eDRAULIC tools create valuable free space. That way, extra rescue tools can be taken along and the helicopter has to carry considerably less load.

Strong, robust and mobile in the field

At rescue site, the operation can start immediately. No power units need be set up, no hoses need to be connected. Gaining extra speed, air rescue units also benefit from unlimited mobility. And, what is equally important, the performance of eDRAULIC tools is exactly the same as with conventional rescue tools.

For example, the cutter S 700 E has the same NFPA cutting class as its
power unit-driven equivalent, the S 700.

All eDRAULIC tools at one look.


Instantly ready for operation: switch on and start the mission.


Approaching vehicles from all sides without hindering hoses.


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