Czech Republic up-to-date with newest rescue tools.

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Nearly 1.000 Czech firefighters have already convinced themselves of the benefits of eDRAULIC. During a training series they were experiencing the new technology at first hand.

The goal of the trainings was to prepare participants for the increasing challenges of the latest generation of cars.

Equipped for the future

When showing how to create access into vehicles, trainers used up-to-date LUKAS rescue tools. After the demonstrations, the participants agreed that the new challenges are very well manageable with proper equipment and techniques.

The next generation rescue tools

All training exercises were performed on vehicles of the latest generation. A direct comparison of eDRAULIC tools and rescue tools with power unit - e.g. when cutting posts made of ultra-high-strength steel - proved their identical level of performance. The extra benefits of eDRAULIC became evident on the job:
Without hoses and static power units, rescue work gains mobility, speed and safety!

Full performance in rain

The training series was partly held in the cold season. Rain at the training ground was very common. That's why participants regularly asked if electrohydraulics also functions in wet surroundings.
Answer: Yes, thans to robust design, eDRAULIC tools are ready for operation even when it is raining.

All tools of the eDRAULIC series.


Opening the driver's door with the
eDRAULIC spreader SP 300 E


More mobility without hoses.


Unrestricted performance even when it is raining.

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