Intensive training with rescuers from Thailand

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Firefighters from the Ruamkatanyu-Foundation are usually busy serving Thailand's densely populated capital of Bangkok. One team took it on themselves to make the long journey to see rescue technology made in Germany.

In co-operation with its local dealer DEF-PRO-SEC, LUKAS organised and conducted a comprehensive training with the latest rescue technology for them for several days. As in addition to the best rescue tools, theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice are most important on the job.

Increasing knowledge and gaining skills

On a tour through the LUKAS production facilities in Erlangen, the visitors were able to see what is all behind rescue tools.
The professionals from X-TRAP Rescuetraining held a broad seminar on technical rescue.
Ready to rescue!

The visitors were especially impressed by the electrohydraulically driven eDRAULIC tools. Their advantages could be experienced at site by conducting a live competition between eDRAULICs and hose-bounded tools.

There was also a service course to ensure that the Ruamkatanyu rescuers will be able to maintain their tools themselves.

Next stop: Vetter

The guests from Thailand then visited the emergency pneumatics experts at VETTER, where they received further training.
This time, the main topic was rescuing people after building collapses with Airshore strut systems. Here, the specialists @fire from Internationaler Katastrophenschutz e.V. (Worldwide Disaster Response) took part in a joint drill to practise USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) techniques.

LUKAS and everybody included thank all participants for these fruitful days and for their trust in German products.
Hoseless eDRAULIC techology

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