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LUKAS Poster: Visual equipment check after use

Hydraulic rescue tools are often subject to great stress during use, even though the maximum performance for modern rescue tools is normally needed only for a very short time.

To ensure that the tools were not damaged and are completely operational after use, Germany’s statutory accident insurance association (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e.V.) stipulates the following in the current issue of its inspection guidelines for equipment and tools used by fire brigades: “After each use, perform a visual inspection for signs of wear or damage.” The inspection of hydraulic rescue tools must be performed by a person who has absolved training as per local rules.

We have prepared a poster that clearly summarises the recommended procedure for visual inspections after use. In addition to the visual inspection, we recommend a basic function check that can be performed without additional tools or test equipment.

If any defects are detected during the described inspection process, or if any doubts arise about their operational reliability, the tools must be delivered for inspection to a person trained by either an authorised distributor or the manufacturer, a specialised workshop or the manufacturer.


The poster can be ordered through LUKAS distributors free of charge.

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