LUKAS poster: Truck rescue techniques



Every operation is different. Truck accidents in particular present special challenges for rescuers. With the new LUKAS poster about patient-oriented truck rescue, you now have a guideline for truck accidents at hand.

No everyday accidents

Truck rescue differs considerably from rescue work on normal automobiles. The weight and size of the involved vehicles results in considerably different conditions in terms of deformation, working height and the area affected by the accident. In addition, activities such as battery management and securing against rolling are more demanding for trucks than for conventional vehicles.

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The poster shows basics in the field of patient-oriented rescue from heavy-duty vehicles, explaining various access methods such as rescue work at height, special considerations for battery management and safety measures, and footwell expansion with cutters, spreaders and rescue rams.
Use the poster to support you and your unit in internal training, or hang it up in your station as an aid to memory.

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