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eDRAULIC: Far ahead of everything else.

Too good to be true? In the past, pioneering innovations had to prove themselves before they caught on. Don't wait so long this time. Put your trust in eDRAULIC, the original from LUKAS - specially developed to meet your rescue needs.

To err is human

More and more electrohydraulic tools are hitting the market, competing with conventional tools that use hoses and power units. Critics in the rescue industry who had not yet worked with the flexible powerhouses were sceptical at first, suspecting that battery operation would sacrifice performance.

But with eDRAULIC, LUKAS had persuasive arguments from the start: top staying power, top performance and super-flexible handling.

To ignore is simply wrong

As the first manufacturer, LUKAS set a standard in the rescue industry with the eDRAULIC series years ago. Now it's becoming increasingly popular around the world. With eDRAULIC you're always superior in rescue operation. The technology has established itself and is certainly no hype. Now it's standard equipment. When will you switch?

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