Combi tool SC 758 E2

Multi-talent: Powerful, larger spreading distance and longer cutting edges due to removable tips
Technical Data


The successor of the SC 757 E2 is finally here. The new combi-tool SC 758 E2 impresses with better performance, a larger spreading distance and longer cutting edges due to the removable tips.

"Shark Tooth" Tips
The necessary grip when spreading when every second counts: The specially developed "Shark Tooth" tips offer maximum performance thanks to their design and the 4-row arrangement of the teeth!

Product features
This product convinces in practice with superior properties.
  •  The star grip allows intuitive operation under stress.
  • LUKAS eDRAULIC frees the rescuer from aggregates and heavy hoses - with superior performance values in use.
  • Perfect for police, military, rescue and disaster control teams.
  • Fast opening and closing process for increased speed during time-critical rescue operations
  • Removable tips provide a better cutting performance and prevent the material from being compressed between the individual pieces.
  • Aggressive knife geometry: the surface of the cutting knife is guided to the end of the knife, allowing a more aggressive knife.
  • "Shark Tooth" removable tips offer multifunctional design, with four rows of sharklike teeth for maximum performance and grip
  • Ergonomically shaped star grip enables tool actuation from almost any gripping position.
Cutting force up to 885 kN 198955 Ibf.
Round steel up to 40 mm 1.58 in.
Spreading force up to 1500 kN 337213 Ibf.
Spreading force 25 mm from tips end 43 kN 9667 Ibf.
Spreading distance 475 mm 18.7 in
Pulling force up to 94 kN 21132 Ibf.
Pulling distance 340 mm 13,4 in.
Dimensions 1065 x 275 x 284 mm 41.9 x 10.8 x 11.2 in.
Weight 24,6 kg 54.2 Ibs.
NFPA classes A8/B9/C9/D9/E9      
EN cutting class J      
EN cutting performance 1J-2K-3K-4K-5K      
Protection class IP 54      
Instruction manual (German) eDRAULIC2_manual_mail_173023085_de
Instruction manual (English) eDRAULIC2_manual_mail_173023085_en
Instruction manual (Spanish) eDRAULIC2_manual_mail_173023085_es
Instruction manual (French) eDRAULIC2_manual_mail_173023085_fr
Instruction manual (Italian) eDRAULIC2_manual_mail_173023085_it
Instruction manual (Portuguese) eDRAULIC2_manual_mail_173023085_pt


with charge indicator

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Battery charger

Battery charger

110 V
230 V
12 V - 24 V

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Power supply 110 V or 230 V

Power supply 110 V or 230 V

for all eDRAULIC tools

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KSV 13 chain set

KSV 13 chain set

Weight: 24.5 kg
Length: 2 x 2 m

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"Shark-Tooth" Tips

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Battery bag

Battery bag

Bag for storage and transport of three batteries and one charger.

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