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Simo Power with gasoline engine and mono hose reel
Technical Data


The brand new LUKAS power unit P 635 benefits are:


  • Valves: Simo Power (S) with simultaneous operation of two tools 
  • Power unit: gasoline engine (G)
  • Rescue with Turbo - Function
  • 4 kilogramms less weight than predecessor
  • Higher oil volume
  • Retrofit Kit can be retrifitted
  • Mono-coupling - rescuer-friendly, fast and clever
  • With 20 m mono hose reel 

Product features

The mono coupling makes connection and deployment of rescue equipment easier, faster and safer.

Turbopower Save with multipower in an instant. 



  • 4 kilogramms less weight than predecessor
  • Optimally designed for operation with gloves
  • Tank levels visible from outside
  • Higher oil volume



  • Mono-Coupling - rescuer-friendly, fast and clever
  • Retrofit Kit can be retrofitted



Rescue at twice the speed! Every second counts in rescue operations, which is why LUKAS has provided its P 635 series with a turbo function. With one hand movement you can double the oil flow to one tool in order to work twice as fast. This feature is particularly valuable for operating rescue rams that call for a large volume of oil.

Engine 4-stroke gasoline 4-stroke gasoline
Connection 2 tools 2 tools
Turbo-Function included   included  
Power 2,2 kW 2,2 kW
Operating pressure 10.000 psi 700 bar
flow rate low/ high pressure 2 x 183,1 - 2 x 42,7 cu. in./min. 2 x 3,0 - 2 x 0,7 l/min.
flow rate turbo low/ high pressure 1 x 353,9 - 1 x 82,4 cu. in./min. 1 x 5,8 - 1 x 1,35 l/min.
Fill quantity hydraulic fluid 305 cu. in. 5 l
Dimensions 32,3 x 17,3 x 23,6 in. 820 x 440 x 600 mm
Weight 163,8 lbs 74,3 kg
Hose length 2 x 787 in. 2 x 20 m
Certification LUKAS_Rescue_Power_Unit_EN13204_Attestation_81-54-40_P 635 SG DHR-COAX
Instruction manual (German) P635_manual_mail_175635085_de
Instruction manual (English) P635_manual_mail_175635085_en
Instruction manual (Spanish) P635_manual_mail_175635085_es
Instruction manual (French) P635_manual_mail_175635085_fr
Device testing card for cutters (German) test_card_power_units_de
Device testing card for cutters (English) test_card_power_units_en
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