True strength, applied where it’s needed.

There are many cutters with shining (outstanding) maximum force specifications in their technical data - at first glance. But what counts in the field isn't theory, it's the actual cutting power in the relevant working range.

When cutting vehicle frames, depend on true powerhouses that flex their muscles at the right moment to deliver the needed power.



Here theoretical forces are determined


Here is where the force is needed in the field

This range applies for material cross sections of approx. 35-89 mm – corresponding to a compressed B-pillar. This is where the difference shows: S 700 and S 700 E2 provide up to 77% more cutting power exactly when it counts.

Superiority only shows in operation, not in tables.

Challenge us!


  • Up to 77% more cutting power in the relevant operating range
  • Perfectly shaped blades for cutting larger diametersr     
  • Blades that develop their strength in the relevant range
  • Now less weight and higher sturdiness

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