Cutter S 312 E2

The new standard in the battery-powered compact class.
Technical Data

The new eDRAULIC cutter S 312 E2 is easy to hold thanks to a weight of less than 20 kg (incl. battery!), yet makes a notable impression. The reason: Blade opening width, cutting force and cutting performance for round material have been further optimised compared to the previous model. The result: the top cutting class I! No doubt about it: Your job is made considerably easier with this innovative cutter– now and in the future.


  • Optimised EN cutting class: from G to I!
  • Perfect blade geometry for more force at the right point
  • Weighs under 20 kg (with battery)
  • Rescue-friendly combination of cutting performance and opening width
  • Powered by an optimised high-performance rescue battery
  • Rescue operations without power units and hoses
S312 E2

Product features

Thanks to LUKAS eDRAULIC, rescue workers are freed of power units and heavy hoses - and can rely on superior performance when it counts. The star grip allows intuitive operation in stress situations, while the specialised blade geometry enables the maximum force to be applied exactly where it is needed. This makes rescue operations easier, faster and safer.
  • Extra-large blade opening width 160 mm
  • Increased theoretical cutting force: 680 kN
  • Even more cutting performance with round material: 35 mm
  • NFPA rating: A7 / B8 / C7/ D7 / E7
  • Cutting class I (certified according to new EN 13204:2016)
  • Weight < 20 kg (incl. battery!)
  • Rescue-friendly combination of cutting capacity and opening width
  • Powered by an optimised high-performance rescue battery
  • Rescue operations without power units and hoses
  • Perfect pull-in effect
  • Cutter orients itself optimally to target material
  • Power reserves for future vehicle generations


Recommended applications

  • Developed for rescue operations in rail, road, airborne and marine traffic
  • Cutting of metal constructions, vehicle parts, pipes and profiled steel
  • Civil protection
Cutting force up to 1) 152,900 lbf. 680 kN
Round steel up to ø 2) 1.38 in. 35 mm
Blade opening 6.3 in. 160 mm
Dimensions 3) 35.6 x 9.3 x 11.1 in. 905 x 237 x 281 mm
Weight 4) 40.8 lbs. 18.5 kg
NFPA classes A7/ B8/ C7/ D7/ E7   A7/ B8/ C7/ D7/ E7  
EN cutting Class I   I  
EN cutting performance 1I-2I-3I-4J-5J   1I-2I-3I-4J-5J  
Protection class IP 54   IP 54  
1) theoretic
2) according to EN 13204; NFPA 1936
3) l x w x h, closed; w/o battery
4) incl. hydraulic fluid, w/o battery
Instruction manual (German) eDRAULIC2_manual_mail_172022085_de
Instruction manual (English) eDRAULIC2_manual_mail_172022085_en
Instruction manual (Spanish) eDRAULIC2_manual_mail_172022085_es
Instruction manual (French) eDRAULIC2_manual_mail_172022085_fr
Instruction manual (Italian) eDRAULIC2_manual_mail_172022085_it
Instruction manual (Portuguese) eDRAULIC2_manual_mail_172022085_pt
Datasheet NFPA (german) LUKAS_Rescue_eDraulic2_C_NFPA_de
Datasheet NFPA (english) LUKAS_Rescue_eDraulic2_C_NFPA_en
Datasheet EN (german) LUKAS_Rescue_eDraulic2_tools_TR_EN_de
Datasheet EN (english) LUKAS_Rescue_eDraulic2_tools_TR_EN_en
Device testing card for cutters (German) test_card_eDRAULIC_cutters_de
Device testing card for eDRAULIC cutters (English) test_card_eDRAULIC_cutters_en


with charge indicator

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Power supply 110 V or 230 V

Power supply 110 V or 230 V

for all eDRAULIC tools

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Battery charger

Battery charger

110 V
230 V
12 V - 24 V

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Battery bag

Battery bag

Bag for storage and transport of three batteries and one charger.

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The eDRAULIC S 312 E2 cutter combines outstanding performance with optimized handling – for superior rescue operations all over the world.

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