Mono coupling - more flexibility on the job.

Quick, safe and reliable! Retrofit for the best possible rescues.

Faster rescues

When things get really hectic as you work to rescue injured persons from a crashed vehicle, when you need to change your rescue equipment on the fly, that is when the LUKAS mono coupling shows its real strenghts. You can attach and detach cutters, spreaders and various rescue rams in just one easy movement. With or without gloves, and without manual pressure relief! There is no time to lose, because you never get a second chance.


Maximum safety and reliability

With its robust and dirt-resistant construction the LUKAS mono coupling stands for superior performance in rescue operations. It has proven itself with fast and intuitive operation under toughest conditions. The LUKAS mono coupling can be rotated freely by 360°, which helps to avoid unnecessary risks such as tripping hazards at the scene.

One solution for all your equipment

The LUKAS mono coupling is now available as a costeffective retrofit system for rescue equipment that still uses double couplings. Mono couplings offer new, highperformance technology and have long since become the standard for fast and safe rescue work.


Which units can be retrofitted?

Generally speaking, all of our rescue equipment can be retrofitted with the mono coupling. If you intend to operate older units (630 bar pressure) together with newer equipment (700 bar pressure), we recommend that you consult either LUKAS or a specialist LUKAS dealer.


Get a cost-effective retrofit now!

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Equipment & Rescue
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