Spreader SP 555 E2

Powerful and light. Sets the standard in the mobile all-rounder class
Technical Data

Gives you time when every second counts: The SP 555 E2 rescue spreader allows reall professionals to get their job done quicker, and more successfully!  There are strong reasons for this breathtaking performance: The device has a sensational 16% reduction in weight compared to its predecessor, and it can still show off its muscles! Its heart beats in the form of an optimised, high-performance rescue battery. In order to prepare the SP 555 E2 even better for its work,  the squeezing plates are integrated directly into its arm. Plus, there are ultra-sharp “Shark Tooth” tips for irresistible grip. The SP 555 E2 is the benchmark when it comes to spreading, pulling and squeezing with mobile all-round devices. It even has an attractive design. A must for real professionals.

„Shark Tooth“ Tips
The right grip for spreading when every second counts: the design of the specially developed “Shark Tooth” tips and their arrangement in 3 rows guarantee maximum performance!

lukas shark tooth tips



  • perfect for rescueing without power units sets and hoses
  • 16% lighter, 4% stronger than its predecessor
  • squeezing plates built into the arm
  • maximum performance thanks to innovative "Shark-Tooth" tips
lukas sp 555 e2 Arm

Product characteristics

This product has superior qualities to make it impressive in practice.

  • The star grip allows intuitive operation in stress situations
  • Thanks to LUKAS eDRAULIC, rescue workers are freed of power units and heavy hoses - and can rely on superior performance when it counts.
  • “Shark Tooth” tips which do not let go once they have taken hold.
LUKAS eDRAULIC, Sterngriff, Shark Tooth-Tips
  • 16% lighter, 4% stronger than its predecessor,
    the SP 310 E2
  • only 20 kg without the battery
  • with "Shark Tooth" tips for perfect grip
  • squeezing plates built into the arm
  • optimum performance-to-weight- ratio


Recommended use

  • perfect for use in serious accidents and away from the road
  • all rescue work for road traffic accidents
  • pushing away and lifting obstacles
  • breaking open doors and bending metal parts
  • sealing pipes

Spreading force 11,690 – 147,924 lbf. 52 - 658 kN
Spreading distance 28.7 in. 730 mm
Squeezing force up to 25,900 lbf. 115 kN
Pulling force up to 13,039 lbf. 58 kN
Pulling distance 22.4 in. 569 mm
Dimensions 1) 39.4 x 10.4 x 11.0 in. 1002 x 265 x 280 mm
Weight 2) 44.1 lbs. 20.0 kg
Protection class IP 54   IP 54  
1) l x w x h
2) without battery or power supply
Instruction manual (German) SP333E2_SP555E2_manual_mail_171333085_de
Instruction manual (English) SP333E2_SP555E2_manual_mail_171333085_en
Instruction manual (Spanish) SP333E2_SP555E2_manual_mail_171333085_es
Instruction manual (French) SP333E2_SP555E2_manual_mail_171333085_fr
Instruction manual (Italian) SP333E2_SP555E2_manual_mail_171333085_it
Instruction manual (Portuguese) SP333E2_SP555E2_manual_mail_171333085_pt
Datasheet NFPA (german) LUKAS_Rescue_eDraulic2_C_NFPA_de
Datasheet NFPA (english) LUKAS_Rescue_eDraulic2_C_NFPA_en
Device testing card for eDRAULIC spreaders (German) test_card_eDRAULIC_spreaders_de
Device testing card for eDRAULIC spreaders (English) test_card_eDRAULIC_spreaders_en
Datasheet EN (german) LUKAS_Rescue_eDraulic2_tools_TR_EN_de
Datasheet EN (english) LUKAS_Rescue_eDraulic2_tools_TR_EN_en


with charge indicator

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Power supply 110 V or 230 V

Power supply 110 V or 230 V

for all eDRAULIC tools

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Battery charger

Battery charger

110 V
230 V
12 V - 24 V

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Battery bag

Battery bag

Bag for storage and transport of three batteries and one charger.

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KSV 11 chain set

KSV 11 chain set

Weight: 13.3 kg
Length: 2 x 2 m

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"Shark-Tooth" Tips

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Mobile, strong life-saver: The mobile SP 555 E2 combines massive power with the gripping power of the “Shark Tooth” tips.  

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