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Decon shower

Planned decontamination.

The pneumatic showers are set up in just 40 seconds and are instantly operational. They are used as emergency decontamination positions or applied in combination with tents.

The showers are constructed so that, due to their size, they can be easily and quickly integrated into the tents. Consequently the functional radius is extended by a clothe changing area. In addition to this, the decon shower has an additional frontal outside basin. This capability enables subsequent cleaning of boots and avoids any splashing of contaminated water on the floor.

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In operation

  • Epidemics
  • Decontamination of patients in front of the hospital
  • ABC-protection measures as a result of accidence in plants and reactors, terrorist attacks or in war situations
  • As a shower for staff or patients in the mobile hospital

Good reasons

  • Short erection times involving few staff
  • Operationally flexible inside and outside the tent
  • Quickly erected and operational
  • Optional outside basin enables post-cleaning
  • If required, integrated gloves for showering down of persons by staff
  • Can be supplied with drain in the shower basin in order to enable controlled drainage of contaminated liquids
  • Extensive range of accessories

Guaranteed quality

  • Final inspection
  • Testing at 1.3 times the operating pressure
  • A safety valve (0.3 bar) integrated into the support frame avoids over-inflation
  • Complete construction which is extremely sturdy
  • A support frame made of a special tear-proof material
  • Collection basin made of a polyester fibre coated with PVC on both sides (other qualities possible on request)

Decon shower

Planned decontamination.
  • Shower curtain and the insertion basin are exchangeable
  • Raised support frame for feet positioning (ergonomic position)
  • Abrasion protection on the underside
  • Shower hose is exchangeable
  • 8 moveable shower heads positioned at different heights
  • Facility for additional fitting of a decontamination hand shower

Decon shower

Planned decontamination.


Art. no. with gloves and drain
1513001801   1513001801        
Erection time, ca.
40 sec. 40 sec.      
Ext. basin size (L x W x H)
276 x 156 x 20 cm 9 x 5 x 0.65 ft      
Int. basin size (L x W x H)
240 x 120 x 20 cm 8 x 4 x 0.65 ft      
Total height
220 cm 7 ft      
Air requirement
738 l 26 cu. ft      
770 l 27 cu. ft      
Ø Water flow rate
25 l / min. 0.88 cu. ft / min.      
Pack size
110 x 72 x 30 cm 43 x 28 x 12 inch      
Weight, ca.
27 - 32 kg 60 - 71 lbs      
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Decon shower

Planned decontamination.

As easy and flexible as possible. We offer you ideally matched accessories. Have you not been able to find your required accessories? Just call us and ask!


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