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Emergency PneumaticsRescue experienceThere is more than you think in these products.
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Mobile hospitals

The hospital that comes to the patient.

Thanks to design foresight, our medical tents are modular and therefore excellently suited for constructing tent groups or mobile medical care centers. Features such as detachable floors, which are obstacle-free, or removable entry awnings give you the required flexibility in order to meet all demands.


Combination possibilities

Using the MT-series as a basis enables you to couple any number of tents to make a "tent town" depending on the scenario to be overcome.

Docking tents, sluices or just removal of the entry awnings help you to construct large protected areas. If decontamination of large numbers of people is required then this does not present any diffculty because decontamination tents and showers are easily integrated.

Good reasons

  • Rapid erection and immediate use of the areas
  • Large useable width achieving sufficient free space in the tent
  • Securing net in the roof area enabling the attachment of lighting and medical equipment
  • Unlimited number of combination possibilities
  • Removable entry awnings guarantee more flexibility

Example scenario

  • Number of patients: 120
  • Tent type MT 60: 10 (600m² useable area)
  • Number of docking tents: 3
  • Number of beds: 120
  • Lamps per MT 60: 4
  • Heaters per MT 60: 1

We will gladly send you a quotation tailored to your scenario.

Contact us under +49 (0) 22 52 / 30 08-0

Guaranteed quality

  • Final inspection of all tents and accessories
  • Testing at 1.3 times the operating pressure
  • A safety valve (0.3 bar) integrated into the support frame for protection against over-inflation
  • The support frame is made of a special tear-proof material
  • Awnings material of the highest quality and designed especially for tents
  • Low flammable awning material according to DIN 4102 B1

In operation

  • Large scale damage with a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI)
  • Earthquake
  • Storms / Flooding
  • Forest fires
  • Acts of terrorism (ABC protection measures)
  • Threats caused by war
  • Decontamination with epidemics (a mobile hospital constructed in front of the main hospital, in connection with decontamination tents)
  • Large scale accidence
  • Explosions in industrial facilities

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Emergency PneumaticsRescue experienceThere is more than you think in these products.
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